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Lease Your Dream Home On Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

It’s Easy to Lease at Lakeside Run

Our streamlined leasing process offers you ultimate flexibility. We are currently offering 1-5 year leases and provide an easy-out option if you purchase a new Brookfield Home built for you*.

The Advantages of Leasing

A rare opportunity to enjoy a new single family home in an upscale resort community. Lakeside Run at Trappe is currently offering a new concept that helps you make decisions that are right for you and your family with far less pressure and money up-front. Leasing offers:

More Freedom
Less commitment and more time to make the right choice.
Try Before You Buy
Enjoy the living experience, neighborhood, and amenities prior to making any purchasing decisions.
More Flexibility
Move now and enjoy your new resort lifestyle. Build and purchase at your convenience.*
Save Money
Leasing is a very economical alternative to buying. Bank the money from the sale of your current home and lease. Let your money work for you.
Hassle-Free Process
Our award winning management team are standing-by to assist you quickly and professionally. Applications are approved within hours.
Carefree Living Experience
Our award winning team provides professional property management services for interior maintenance & exterior maintenance.** Day-to-day living is trouble free.

Consider leasing as an option, whether it’s prior to buying a home, or as an alternative to buying. It’s a win-win.

*Leasing resident must live in the leased home for 12 months prior to terminating the lease agreement.
**Sorry — not including household chores, such as dusting and sweeping!

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